Our luxury canal boats are the ultimate in English Boutique Retreats. We offer unique romantic getaways in our five star self-cruise boats.

Marbled White, Chalkhill Blue, Woodland Grayling and Kathleen May are the first of their kind in a small fleet of stylish narrowboats, designed for beginners and experienced boaters, alike. Our more traditional family narrowboat is Gosling.

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A barge holiday is a unique combination of both seclusion and adventure. But our narrowboats go further than this; we invite you to experience our Boutique Retreats in style. Please note that each of our boats is very individual and the items listed below give you a flavour of what to expect. There is more information on each boat’s webpage.

Modern Rustic

  • Log-cabin style wood cladding
  • Cast-iron stoves
  • Antique furniture
  • Monochrome palette


Designer touches

  • Contemporary lighting system
  • Bose speakers
  • Farrow and Ball decor
  • Antique mirrors and paintings

View from the bed on boutique narrowboat retreats

Contemporary luxury

  • King-sized beds
  • Feature bathrooms
  • Wi-Fi
  • Coffee machines
  • Full kitchens

We welcome bookings from novices and experienced boaters, and invite you to experience the pleasures of our floating retreats.

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