Interested in renting out your own boutique narrowboat?

Since we launched our first hire boat in the summer of 2018, we’ve found ourselves amid many-a-discussion about the practicalities of renting out your narrowboat.

On internet forums, canalboat owners are often discouraged from hiring out their boat with naysayers citing complicated regulations, tax implications and general redtape as reasons to avoid the idea.

All this is true; there are a lot of rules and regulations which apply to hire boats and rightly so. Our guests need to know that their vessel is safe and well maintained. They need to be greeted by experienced trainers and the boat needs to be cleaned to a high standard with freshly-laundered linen and topped up with diesel. They need to have access to an engineer in case of problems round the clock and  any faults need to be quickly rectified in between hires.


Too much trouble?

Many people who own leisure narrowboats suitable for hire, don’t have the luxury of time. Those folk are still working, and get to enjoy their own boat for a few weeks a year but can’t devote the time it would take to run a hire boat business.

Whether you have one boat or 20, the regulations are just as stringent but since taking on the marina at Union Wharf, we quickly realised that having a team around you makes the whole process a darn sight easier.

At the same time, we are often asked for our advice on running a narrowboat business and so – ta-dah! – our latest idea is born. If you would like to join us on our Boutique Narrowboat adventure, get in touch. Your boat will need to be a cut above the rest to be considered for partnership; perhaps you are in the process of building or buying a luxury narrowboat or maybe you already have one which is lying idle for much of the year. If you are willing to base your boat at Market Harborough, we will take care of the rest.


A return on your investment

You can still reserve a few weeks a year for your own holidays, but meantime we will run your boat for you, allowing you to reap the financial rewards of your investment with no effort on your part. We offer discounted mooring at Union Wharf marina, a rental preparation package tailored to your boat, marketing and customer handling and a full cleaning, handover and maintenance service.

Read more about how to partner with us here.

And then get in touch with me on 07740 474937 to have a chat about how it might work for you.

Talk soon!

Sharon x