You couldn’t call her Boutique, yet.

Perhaps you could get away with Industrial, at a push. If you happened to be peering through a net curtain* with squinty eyes.

But there are a few crucial things we have ticked off the list ahead of Chalkhill Blue’s launch in June and that is most definitely worth celebrating.

She has her new engine, her new paint and her new blacking. Witness the new hardwood windows, the reclaimed wood shutters and even a shower tray.

Her wiring is in, the plumbing is nearly there and – woah – there is even something that looks like a wall (bulkhead, if you’re a purist.)

There are a couple of months to go before Chalkhill Blue goes on her first holiday** along Leicestershire’s lovely rural waterways. By then, the contents of our garage, workshop and hallway will have made it on board, and we will be lying down in a darkened room with a gin and tonic in each hand.

Meanwhile, the transformation continues…

Best wishes

Sharon and Aaran x


* you’ll have to provide your own as these won’t be available on CB. That’s a good thing.

** we are taking bookings online here.