After 18 months of welcoming your lovely pets onto the Boutique Narrowboats, we have come to the difficult decision to now make these boats “pet-free.”

We ask that if you would like to bring a pet on holiday, you choose our sister boat, Gosling, instead.

Your dogs, cats and rabbits (yes, really!) are wonderful and many are as well-behaved as you describe. However, animals are unpredictable in a new environment and when a muddy, hairy, excitable bundle of joy has been on board for a week, things can get messy. Gosling is designed as a more robust, family-friendly vessel and we would be delighted to welcome your four-legged friends to join you on your holiday on this boat.

Despite our best efforts, the high standard of the Boutique Narrowboats’ interior decoration means that these boats are not ideal for pets. There is simply not enough time for the cleaners and maintenance staff to clean/mend the boats in between hires after some pets have spent time on them.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sharon and Aaran x