Narrowboat and widebeam refurbishments are a good option for boat owners who don’t want to sell. The process of selling (and then finding the perfect canal boat to replace it) can be stressful and long-winded. If you already love lots about your current boat, it probably doesn’t make sense to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Keeping the best bits and replacing the rest, could be the way to go.

We have enjoyed designing and refurbishing narrowboats over the last few years. Some have been refurbed for private clients or sold on and some are now hired as part of our small fleet at Union Wharf. We do enjoy building boats from scratch too, but a refurbishment is usually quicker and somehow more dramatic.

Narrowboat and widebeam refurbishments

Boutique Narrowboat fit out 1

In this narrowboat refurb, we gutted the interior and set to work rebuilding it to our new design. 

Boutique Narrowboat fit out 2

We created curved walls for the new ‘toilet pod’ as well as our signature curved steps. We threaded new plumbing and wiring throughout, including central heating.

Boutique Narrowboat fit out 3

New tongue and groove board was painted with exterior grade paint. Our joiner installed a brand new kitchen.

Boutique Narrowboat refurbishment and build

The finished boat includes bespoke wooden slats, new herringbone flooring and a full kitchenette.

Boutique day boat refurbishment with antique accessories

The process of narrowboat refurbs

Please do get in touch if you are considering updating your narrowboat or widebeam, and we will see what we can do to help. Our team can offer:

  • Narrowboat interior design
  • Floorplans and layout drawings
  • Bespoke joinery
  • Sourcing of materials and furniture suitable to withstand extremes of temperatures on a boat
  • Plumbing
  • Electrics
  • Internal redecorating using marine-grade materials

We carry out this kind of work at our workshop at Debdale Wharf Marina on the Grand Union Canal. You can book your boat in for a refurbishment subject to our commitment to build slots.

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