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A narrowboat could be the perfect Valentine’s Day present – it leaves you with a radiant glow long after the adventure is over, and there are swans and pubs. Read on to find out the five best bits about holidaying on a narrowboat…

1. A barge is a romantic hideaway that moves.

That’s pretty cool. The view changes every day and it is impossible to get bored. You’ll start the day with swans swimming past the window, take a lunchtime pause alongside livestock taking a dip in the canal and then find yourself mooring outside a bustling pub in the evening.

2. You are creating a unique experience together…

…learning to operate your boat and navigate the waterways in perfect harmony. For better or worse. Mainly better. This last bit is very important as you could create the same warm, fuzzy feeling by scaling a mountain together or rounding up bulls. But that sounds more worse than better. Stick to narrowboats.

3. You can create the minibreak of your dreams.

Pub lunches, secluded woodland walks, heritage trails. Or perhaps you prefer farmers’ markets, little independent shops and a gin bar. Or then again, maybe city-centre shops and restaurants are more your thing. Make a plan and then utterly change it as you go along.

Bridge 61 at Foxton Locks on a Boutique Narrowboat

4. A narrowboat is a rural getaway with all the convenience of a modern house.

From microwaves to WiFi, from wine fridges to smart tvs and coffee machines – a narrowboat is the most luxurious way of escaping that you’ll ever find. An outdoor adventure with a king-sized bed and central heating.

5. a narrowboat is perfect for all tastes.

There are plenty of traditional Roses and Castles barges if you like that look. Prefer the boutique style? Hunt around for individually-owned narrowboats. Or choose us 😊

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