Types of canal boat for holidays

If you are planning a canal boat holiday in the UK, your search will uncover a range of different boats. Take a look at our top tips for choosing the best canal boat for your group. Your holiday is a big investment and the right canal boat is crucial.


Canal boats for a group of friends

If you are looking for a canal boat for a group of friends, then you’ll need a bed each and preferably not one that you need to make up every night. An area to socialise all together will be important. And you will need a kitchen large enough to store your food and cookware. You’ll need somewhere to keep each of your belongings.

If your party is made up of couples rather than family, you might want a separate bathroom each. All this means a longer boat but you won’t feel like you have a lot of extra space to play with inside. Avoid this kind of boat if there is just two of you.

Arriving on public transport to collect your boat at Union Wharf

Family canal boats

Boats for families with children need to be robust. You don’t want to be worried about your little ones breaking things or getting mud on the furniture, so it is likely that the boat will be a no-frills kind of vessel. You’ll be supplied with life jackets for each child under 12 and you’ll need storage for all the paraphernalia that comes with little people, so your boat will be longer than one just for two people.

A narrowboat suitable for families should include a large table for eating and playing at.

Dog friendly canal boats

These are easy to clean, which means no-nonsense, simple interiors.

Whilst you’ll need to take your dog’s bedding and towels, there will need to be somewhere that your dog can sleep and eat. Muddy paws and wet fur are inevitable, so you’ll need additional cleaning equipment on board. 

little dog on a canal boat holiday with boutique narrowboats

Luxury canal boats for couples

To celebrate a special weekend, you’ll be wanting to stay on a canal boat which is designed especially for two. Choose one with a king sized bed – one that doesn’t need making up every night – and you’ll feel like you are staying in a boutique hotel.

A posh posh posh narrowboat or canal boat hire

Opt for a canal boat with a large shower and don’t forget to look out for creature comforts such as coffee machines and decent kitchens. An ice box makes it a good option for your chilled drinks. Add in a comprehensive training package, and you are all set for a weekend to remember.


Hire a luxury canal boat