This testimonial for a Boutique Narrowboat build has brought genuine tears to our eyes. We’ve worked so hard on creating the perfect boat for our clients. We couldn’t be happier at the result, and most importantly, we are absolutely delighted that that Jane, Richard and Rufus are happy too! You can read more about the design and build process in this journal entry.

Read on to find out why we shed a few tears this morning…

Testimonial for a Boutique Narrowboat build

We still can’t believe that we have such a wonderful new narrow boat …. our little haven of sheer delight!

We were looking for a boat builder who could produce not only high-quality bespoke interiors but was also equally good on the external build and all the many technical aspects. We feel very lucky to have found the real deal with Boutique Narrowboats!!

Whilst the interior needed to capture the unique style of a Boutique Boat we also wanted to accommodate all those mod cons that just make everything easier (Dishwater, Washing Machine, Fridge, Freezer) and comfortable (a great shower and a decent size sofa and bed). Keeping surfaces uncluttered, through the creation of as much storage space as possible, was also high on our wish list!

Clients moving in to their new Boutique Narrowboat

Through some very clever design from the team, we have managed to fit everything in… Even the steps into the boat have an incorporated wine rack…a must!! Finding space for the dog bed came a close second!

Interior design

Sharon has a real flair for interior design and produced a great little video/virtual mood board of ideas as a starter for ten which we added to. She also patiently hunted down that special basin, just the right shape antique mirror to accommodate a hidden cupboard; some fantastic lights, reclaimed wood for the doors…and so much more. …Thank you, Sharon!!

Bespoke joinery

One of us is a bit obsessed with curves…Gaz, a highly talented carpenter, indulged this with many bespoke items including arched doorframes, oval kitchen bar, curved shelf tables, but the piece de resistance is an awesome rounded corner cabinet!!… Thank you, Gaz!!

Kitchen in a Boutique Narrowboat build

Narrowboat engineering

It’s all very well looking beautiful but I am reminded that the boat also needs to handle beautifully on the water …. which it does!! It’s also very easy for one of us to take for granted the fantastic heating, lighting, electrics, super big water and waste tanks! So our final and very important Thanks is to Aaran a very innovative and clever engineer!!

It’s been a fantastic experience working with such a gifted team who really have bent over backwards to build a boat that we would be delighted with.

Good luck to those of you who decide to build a boat…you would be in such good hands with Boutique Narrowboats.

Bon Voyage and Best wishes
Jane, Richard, and Rufus dog
Feb 2024

Testimonial for Boutique Narrowboat build