Canal boat hire is increasingly popular with a younger age group. In the last few years, we’ve noticed more and more couples under 40 who are interested in learning how to drive a narrowboat and take an adventure together. And this is great for the waterways.

Not so long ago the canals were associated with an older demographic and of course this is completely understandable. Generally, canal boat hire can be a slow-paced holiday which allows for gentle pasttimes such as birdwatching or fishing.

Canal boat holidays from union wharf market harborough

Narrow boat holidays are also popular with families, where grandparents, children and grandchildren can spend time in a shared experience.

But at Boutique Narrowboats we are also spotting a very clear trend: young couples. Millennials. Gen Zers. Those who want a weekend away learning something unusual whilst building in pauses for coffee stops and pubs and other little gems on offer in our part of the world. The king-size beds are always a bonus.

King sized bed on luxury canal boat hire

Canal boat hire novices

Most who want to try canal boat hire from us at Market Harborough have never actually rented a narrow boat before and this works in their favour. A boating holiday is better if you have no proconceptions about what should or shouldn’t happen. It pays to be flexible when, for example, the weather changes or a particular route becomes blocked. Even more so if you lose a vital piece of equipment in the canal or go aground. The younger generation has a spirit of adventure which works especially well on the canal; helping other boaters, and discovering new skills.

Canal boat hire novices

Of course, experienced boaters love the canals for all these reasons and more, too. But we see lots of young novices at Boutique Narrowboats and we couldn’t be happier. In all honesty, a canal boat holiday is one of Britain’s best kept secrets but there is no reason why. There is no mystery. It is, quite simply, a lovely thing to do, whatever your age.

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