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luxury narrow boat birthday breaks

Luxury narrow boat birthday breaks are often booked for a milestone birthday. It is a huge responsibility to take charge of a big birthday weekend surprise. Wives, husbands and partners frequently contact us because they are tasked with organising an unforgettable weekend for their loved ones. It can be overwhelming.

Many contact us because their partners have already expressed an interest in holidaying on a narrow boat. A 30th, 40th or 50th birthday is the perfect excuse to tick off “narrow boating” from a Bucket List.

luxury narrow boat birthday breaks from Union Wharf

Surprise weekends

But we’ve also helped to arrange birthday weekends for men and women who are in total ignorance of the fun to be had on a narrow boat. These are the genuine surprises which are booked by people who know their partners well. They are looking for a trip which will provide seclusion and intimacy with a sense of adventure. A narrow boat break can offer romance as well as the bonding that comes from learning something new together.

luxury narrow boat birthday breaks along the canal from Market Harborough


Our guests ask us to signpost suitable canalside pubs for a special meal, or help choose a route. They also ask us for reassurance that the bed is comfy and king-sized, and that the fridge will hold a bottle of champagne. Even more importantly, we are asked if it matters if the birthday boy or girl has “never done this before.” And we are happy to say that it doesn’t matter in the slightest if this is your first time on a narrow boat. (Read more here if you’re new to narrowboating.)

It’s no secret that we adore our Boutique Narrowboats and the landscape they cruise… and we couldn’t be more proud to share them for those special luxury birthday breaks.*

narrowboat weekend for birthday celebration in style

*Don’t forget to download your Boutique Narrowboat Gift Certificate pdf