Reopening during social distancing

We don’t yet have a date when we are able to reopen for business, but in the meantime we are working on a process to ensure that the boats are handed over with minimal input from the trainers. We are currently writing an online course for each boat and updating our written manuals.

We appreciate that this method of training is not ideal and inexperienced boaters will still need practical support on your first afternoon aboard. But we hope that by asking you to do some work on the theory ahead of your holiday, we will ensure the best possible protection for guests and staff as social distancing continues.

If you book a Boutique Narrowboat from now on, we will ask you to complete this preparatory work before you arrive, even if you are experienced. We will keep in touch by email as we develop this process.

Many thanks for your ongoing support – you are most definitely the kindest, most generous and lovely guests any hire boat company has ever had!

Best wishes

Sharon and Aaran