We are delighted to say that our first Boutique Electric Day Boat launched successfully in June and has been attracting much attention along the Market Harborough arm of the canal. For those who have been following our progress at Union Wharf, you’ll know that we have been working on Water Vole’s refurbishment for a long time now. The project has been beset with various challenges but they’ve been all but forgotten now that she is happily cruising to Foxton and back on a daily basis.

Interior design

If you’ve taken Water Vole out on a day trip pre-2020, you probably wouldn’t recognise her now. The interior has been completely refitted and features design details more commonly seen on our holiday Boutique Narrowboats.

From a parquet-style floor to heritage-coloured tongue-and-groove panelling, this is not your average day boat. The seating is a combination of antique dining chairs and faux leather, while even the tiny bathroom is designed in a contemporary style.

Year round comfort

Unlike most day boats, Water Vole has full central heating so she’s perfect for year-round boating. Sheepskins and blankets will also be on board for the autumn, so with the right outfit, you’ll be snug AND ready for chic selfies 😉

Electric day boat

Perhaps more importantly, the electric engine is seriously Q U I E T

If you are mechanically minded, you’ll appreciate knowing that it comprises of a 10kW 3phase AC motor connected to a 28kW battery bank by way of a smart inverter controller. The controller has been programmed to mimic the characteristics of the old diesel engine and is a little more responsive at lower rpms. The charging system is High Frequency which greatly improves the efficiency of the energy draw from the grid and also prolongs the life of the battery bank.

Luxury day boat

This all adds up to a unique experience. This boat glides smoothly and (almost) silently through the water, and offers a touch of luxury for up to six people. We also offer more traditional family day boats for bigger groups, but whatever the weather, whatever the season, Water Vole is designed for something special.


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