A hire boats review published this week has declared that the Boutique Narrowboats are incredibly different to most hire-boats when it comes to their interiors.

Respected industry magazine, Waterways World, has devoted six pages to its review of our hire boats. The journalist, Mark Langley, visited us to test out Marbled White. He told us he’d never seen anything quite like it when it comes to hire boats. This is a man who has seen a lot of canal boats in his time!

review of hire boats at boutique narrowboats 1

Mark was careful to spend time exploring the engineering and the facilities on the boat. In fact, we left him alone on there for quite some time.

After testing the sytems and photographing the interior, he concluded in his review that:

The interior is stunning. Its 60ft length is given over to a very spacious lounge, a well-equipped galley, a massive bathroom and a bedroom that fits a hotel-sized bed. The attention to detail in the fit-out is immense.



We are delighted that he also noted the skills of our very talented joinery team:

The doors at both ends of the bathroom are something special. … Instead of rectangular doors, they are arched at the top. The means the door frame…is angled to match – demonstrating the abilities of the craftspeople Boutique employs.

review of hire boats at boutique narrowboats 2

So a big thank you to reviewer, Mark Langley, and to Waterways World for publishing such a glowing review of our hire boats.


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